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Mar 20, 2013 12:00pm PDT
with all this speculation, you know, that this is a tax haven and that this is money that people have questions about, that the way europe is approaching sigh pruls is not the way you'd awe approach these other countries and if you approach the other countries this way you create a real problem and they know that. >> that brings what happens to the parliament and what impact does that have. >> the cyprian parliament decide the to vote down the bill to confiscate the money from depositors. we don't have a bill or any certainty what's going to happen. most likely recommit to the cyprian parliament and then see what's going to happen to the banks. remember the banks have been closed until thursday morning. today walt the governor of the central bank of cyprus presumely he will know saying it could be a run of ten percent of deposits on the cyprian banks. and that's cause for concern. i think the banks in cyprus make two fundamental mistakes. banking 101 is supposed to boil out. don't lose money you don't have and they did and don't ever mess with deposits because that really does effect
Mar 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
not on a sustainable fiscal path because of the tax cuts because of the unpaid four wars because of demographics. so we need to do two things at once. we need to support the economy in the short run, investorring in infrastructure putting construction workers back to work, making america important competitive in the future and also address the problems causing a long-run deficit which are healthcare rapidly growing healthcare costs. we can improve our tax code by closing all the tax loopholes that we have. that's what the president has been focused on since frankly since i started working for him back in 09. >> rose: do you believe, are you hopeful that somehow the capitol, the dinners the lunches that are taking place that there's somehow a change in the dynamic of the conversation? >> i think the president is willing to try whatever will work. i think that it's a pretty high hurdle he's facing. i say that because the president worked awfully hard because of the congressional leadership to reach a grand bargain. we set as a goal as a number of others have to rules the deficit by 4 trillion dollars ov
Mar 13, 2013 12:00am PDT
back the tax you have paid last year. it's unbelievable. but in the moment of economic crises quite a few -- but look, he lost a big percent of the vote -- because he had a very strong majority that passed. and then he lost a lot of votes but he was able to give the illusion that it could be the savior in such a difficulty economic condition. >> rose: who will, what's going to happen to mr. monti with the vote. >> it's with -- but it still in politics. i don't know what he will choose. he will take time in order to reorganize the party. it will be almost impossible that he will be prime minister again unless he prolonged it for a limited time. >> rose: he does not have enough votes to make a it. >> but the two chambers had the same power. they're identical so you need the confidence vote in both of them. this is why you read some sort of compromise let's saying organize by the public. >> rose: what did you want. >> i want personally? i was -- i a happy for the result of the elections but i am not active in the italian politics so i look -- hoping for a resolution very soon, you k
Mar 15, 2013 12:00am PDT
and individual agents that were dropped as a result of the the agreement to give the church of scientology's tax exemption. and ever since then it is a religion, regardless of what you think. >> rose: tell me about scientology. how did it start? what does it teach? >> scientology grew out of l ron hubbard's philosophy. started with dianetics, a book he wrote in 1950. huge. >> rose: sold millions of copies. >> it sort of set the standard for all the self-help books that came along later. and then, but, and he made a lot of money out of that. but then he went broke. he didn't know how to capitalize on it. so he started a religion. which is a different thing, scientology t the idea is that scientology will show you that you are an eternal being, satan as they say in scientology, that are you not the body or the mind that you inhabit now but su have lived many lifetimes before and will you live again. and you can learn this through process of auditing, which is kind of like therapy with a semi lie detector. and for many people, paul is an example but many others that i talked to, at the early stages
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)